1. A basket of beans from @RanchoGordo
  2. A signed copy of @kittenwithawhip's Hi, Anxiety book. I BET SHE WILL WRITE SOMETHING NICE TO YOU IN THE BOOK, TOO.
  3. A congratulatory selfie from @dcpatterson. This is a real prize.
  4. A hand-drawn picture from James Beard-nominated and good human @robicellis. Subject is winner's choice. She is good at drawing dongs.
  5. Ten submissions will receive editorial notes from @laylaschlack WHO IS A REAL EDITOR AND CAN HELP MAKE YOUR PIECE STRONGER. And then you can go sell your piece to a publication if that's what you feel like doing and that is a very good prize.
  6. Noted food writer/ editor/ sous vide-r @clairelizzie of @SkilletLH fame will personally donate a bottle of horseradish vodka.
  7. Someone will win @kenjilopezalt's The Food Lab cookbook with a specially signed bookplate...just for you.
  8. One winner will receive a specially packaged box of candy and a special note from @hels AND IT IS VERY FUN CANDY. I am told it will include Haribo.
  9. A copy of Appetites, a cookbook written by @LaurieWoolever and her co-author @Bourdain.
  10. @kasekaiserina is donating a signed copy of her book, The Art of the Cheese Plate. And a signed pair of panties. No joke.
  11. A signed copy of @domenicacooks' NON BEARD-NOMINATED but nevertheless wonderful latest book, Preserving Italy.
  12. One book, winner's choice, from @chroniclebooks (special thanks to @amybcleary)
  13. A bottle of wine courtesy @winejerk
  14. Ten soups from the fantastic @GoodStockSoups (special thanks to soupmaker, @thepaulhoa)
  15. A signed copy of @ciaosamin's new cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking (which is fantastic).