The Food Writing that Is Good Awards


About The Food Writing that Is Good Awards

It's called the Food Writing that Is Good Awards because that is a hilarious name. But it's not limited only to writing. Video, social media accounts, food blogs, humor, editing, restaurant criticism, anonymous food-related Twitter accounts and photos. Podcasts. What else? You tell me.


Most food awards are pay to an enormous entry fee, and then you just might be nominated. The Food Writing that Is Good Awards is pay to play, too, but with a twist. We're going to help hungry kids with your submission fees.



  • Entry fees are minimum $1 donation to No Kid Hungry
  • If you have multiple entries, please make a minimum donation of $1 per entry to No Kid Hungry.
  • Be cool. There's a little more detail below in the entry fee section.


  • There are a fuck ton of prizes. They're very exciting. More on that later.


  • Submit your entry by March 31 at midnight Eastern.


Entry Form




  1. A basket of beans from @RanchoGordo
  2. A signed copy of @kittenwithawhip's Hi, Anxiety book. I BET SHE WILL WRITE SOMETHING NICE TO YOU IN THE BOOK, TOO.
  3. A congratulatory selfie from @dcpatterson. This is a real prize.
  4. A hand-drawn picture from James Beard-nominated and good human @robicellis. Subject is winner's choice. She is good at drawing dongs.
  5. Ten submissions will receive editorial notes from @laylaschlack WHO IS A REAL EDITOR AND CAN HELP MAKE YOUR PIECE STRONGER. And then you can go sell your piece to a publication if that's what you feel like doing and that is a very good prize.
  6. Noted food writer/ editor/ sous vide-r @clairelizzie of @SkilletLH fame will personally donate a bottle of horseradish vodka.
  7. Someone will win @kenjilopezalt's The Food Lab cookbook with a specially signed bookplate...just for you.
  8. One winner will receive a specially packaged box of candy and a special note from @hels AND IT IS VERY FUN CANDY. I am told it will include Haribo.
  9. A copy of Appetites, a cookbook written by @LaurieWoolever and her co-author @Bourdain.
  10. @kasekaiserina is donating a signed copy of her book, The Art of the Cheese Plate. And a signed pair of panties. No joke.
  11. A signed copy of @domenicacooks' NON BEARD-NOMINATED but nevertheless wonderful latest book, Preserving Italy.
  12. One book, winner's choice, from @chroniclebooks (special thanks to @amybcleary)
  13. A bottle of wine courtesy @winejerk
  14. Ten soups from the fantastic @GoodStockSoups (special thanks to soupmaker, @thepaulhoa)
  15. A signed copy of @ciaosamin's new cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking (which is fantastic).




If you have questions, email me directly  at